Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 12/10/2016 12:47

Heartwarming, emotional and heartbreaking but with great ending!  Viewers  will have a hard time judging the characters in this film, whether to applaud or taunt them, especially the lead star Caroline, played by enigmatic actress Fanny Ardant. She's a 50 year old woman yet has her childish whims and yes, she's having an affair.  This she somehow pulls off without nary a heavy guilty feeling and when her husband eventually knew about it, there was no moment of over the top emotions. She contemplated on going off with her lover but by some twist of fate she backed out. As much as viewers have the right  to condemn Caroline for the affair, there's something about her that will endear her to the audience and for so many reasons. She's a woman who's in control yet deep inside needy of affection and attention and in this  sense she strikes a chord for the very human reactions it elicits upon anyone.  Great screenplay and very impressive performances,  truly a must-watch!