Reviewed by robsutcliffe
on 22/09/2014 13:01

The first time I watched Yang Ik-Joon's debut movie, Breathless I couldn't stop thinking about the message of the movie. I was deeply affected by it and probably saw it five time before the end of the week!\r\n\r\nIt follows the life of aggressive gangster Sang-Hoon (played by Ik-Joon himself!) He has violent outbursts at anyone around him, but has to face up to what's at the root of his aggression when a school girl Yeon-Hue (played by Kim Kkot Bi, who won best actress awards for her performance) is no stranger to violence and stands up to him. \r\n\r\nIn Breathless we see how unexpressed aggression can take hold of peoples lives through characters of all generations and how it can get passed on from father to son. If you can stomach the violence everyone should see this film! Amazing!