Reviewed by blacksnakemoan
on 19/09/2016 17:20

When his riviera-set diamond heist goes tits up, a gruff Stephen Dorff is packed off to a Moscow office skyscraper to redeem himself by stealing a priceless artifact. Problem is, the lift he is travelling in with numerous other office workers gets stuck on the thirteenth floor. Things go from bad to worse when they discover that the corridors are being stalked by a madman with a soft spot for decapitation. There is a scene in so-so horror-comedy 'Botched' where a bug-eyed, blade-wielding savage in a suit of armour inadvertently stumbles into a disco death trap, whereupon his foot is impaled to the sound of Shalamar's "A Night to Remember". Such a bizarre moment comes entirely unprecedented, and because it really doesn't make any sense, you are forced to wonder whether this scene, and there are many others like it, was inserted at the 11th hour in a desperate attempt to get a laugh. It doesn't, but it certainly deserves credit for being so 'out there' as to make the film wholly original. This is a movie you really want to enjoy as the director and actors are pouring everything they've got into this silly story to give you, the punter, a good time. Problem is, it just doesn't work, and you leave feeling rather sorry for them. This is a shame, as the gore effects are excellent, and there are some great kills. Alas, after the halfway mark, for every spray of blood there are three gags that fall flat. This unpleasant ratio, combined with annoying Russkie accents, unfunny Benny Hill-style chase sequences and a dour Stephen Dorff, make for a hugely uneven, albeit one-of-a-kind, film.