Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 14/10/2016 15:51

Great cast and interesting to watch!  This movie tackles but not focuses much on lesbian relationships as it does about a person's strength, maturity and how she handles situations that come her way.  It's a teacher-student interaction that quickly becomes a romantic relationship but as the film progresses we observe a rather reversal of roles, with the student (Jackie) becoming more in control as opposed to her teacher/lover (Prof Catherine Stark).  The intimate scenes were tastefully delivered and on-screen chemistry of the actors was essential. Stouffer as Jackie was a genuine person who, though swayed easily with the overtures of the teacher eventually found her inner voice.  McAtee as the professor was a scene stealer and registers well on cam, a truly gorgeous woman.  A  great piece of work from director and writer Fernanda Cardoso.