Reviewed by jeteli
on 06/07/2016 16:14

Director EJ Yong scores another mockumentary that will leave the viewers thinking. A peek into the psyche of actors, it's also an ambitious project that requires filming with a group of actors but with a director that's only seen via Skype! For film buffs this would indeed mean a  great challenge, to think that a physically present director encounters a myriad of problems in terms of getting his instructions across more clearly, how much more would it be if actors and director only communicate through a web cam! There are a number of reasons to doubt its effectivity, and topmost of the hindrances would surely be a bad internet connection, among others. Did the succeeded in making the short film? Or did the title of the film, How to Fall in Love in Ten Minutes became How to become Arch-enemies with your actors? You be the judge! This would surely be worth a watch.