Reviewed by Lorlor87
on 03/09/2014 09:18

My favourite Linklater. All too often directors fawn over the beauty and richness of youth, when in fact it’s only when the orange peel starts kicking in that people become interesting, with layers and layers that have built up over time, creating fascinating creatures. This film follows Jesse and Celin, who were previously lovers being pulled to each other from across Europe in the twenties, and talking a LOT about their insecurities, passions and motivations. What really raises Before Midnight above all his other films, is that it takes some welcome detours into the lives of other characters - here expertly done around a dinner table - while also going to darker depths and focusing more on age and the second half of life, that inching closer to death… I really hope Linklater follows Julie and Celine in another film.