Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 12/07/2016 12:43

This is such a sweet film that handles situations in a simple yet compelling manner. Sophie Quinton as Avril the novice nun was unassuming and overflowing with innocence and quiet charm. While on retreat she slips away to find her long-lost brother and along the way meets Pierre (Nicolas Duvauchelle), a nice young man who's like a sort of angel, always beside her and ready to help her in any way. The dialogues between Avril and her brother, played by Clement Sibony are so heartwarming and when asked if she's shocked that he's with another man, Avril says no and that what shocks her are lies, implying the nuns who have concealed the truth for so long to her, that she has a brother.  Such a poignant film about a young woman's emotional and sexual awakening executed in a sweet and  heartwarming way.