Reviewed by sandrajeanroqui
on 06/06/2016 06:12

Riveting and with admirable acting performances! In fact, I was literally reduced into tears with this film! There are a couple of scenes that I like the most but two of these would be that scene where Sin discovers the identity of his kidnapper and the scene where Lud pours out all his anger while trying to retrieve the wallet and shoes of his child after Sin's discovery of who he really is. Emotions start to pour from that scene on and  viewers witness Sin metamorphose from a rich kid and spoiled brat into a person filled with remorse and self-loathing.  The well of emotions springing forth from Sin and Lud is extraordinary. Disturbing, eye-opening and visually appealing, Anysay Keola is a force to reckon and am looking forward to more of his masterpieces!