Reviewed by snakeeyes
on 10/10/2016 08:40

Filho is back, this time with Brazilian screen legend Sonia Braga, and if you loved Neighboring Sounds, you will be bowled over by Aquarirus. The jet black current of Brazil's shady political and military past is alive and well in Recife, still coursing through the glittering condominiums that line the coast. Also infesting this concrete environment are an unsavoury group of property businessmen, who attempt to remove a tough-as-nails widow from her apartment. Where the tension mounted unbearably in Filho's previous film, here it is balanced with wonderful characterization with Braga swallowing up the screen - we are entranced by her. Her interactions with those around her, her family, her maid, the lifeguard - they all reveal the layers to her character that have become more nuanced with age. These flickers of light are a joy to behold. It's a long film, but you are never aware of it, and Filho delivers what you expect in the final minutes, however there are enough little clues peppered throughout that hint at other stories that are not fleshed out, that leave you thinking about this film long after the credits. Whatsmore, the soundrack is aces.