Reviewed by snakeeyes
on 15/07/2015 18:19

This could have been a pretty chilling watch if it wasn't for two major flaws: the sloth-like pacing and the abysmal make-up effects. The idea that the inhabitants of a Greek island have been scoffed by a maniacal half-man half-very-hungry-cannibal-zombie is a neat one, and the set-up is nicely done, especially as it introduces a pregnant woman in the early scenes, upping the ante somewhat on your typical tourists in peril features. But the make-up, the make-up! Our maniac goes about picking off his victims with what looks like an overcooked, flaky pancake slapped on his forehead. It's much too distracting to be scary (were not enough eggs used, or too much flour?) which really is a pity. Despite this, it certainly passes the grade as cheesy entertainment, and is definitely worth the remake treatment, especially what with recent events in Greece (!) 'Terrormasalata', anyone?