Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 26/09/2016 15:54

This documentary film that takes us on a journey to Panama and through the backstreets, prisons and ghettos is an eye-opener but also a wake up call for governments and nations everywhere. The scourge of cocaine, drugs and crimes reveals the decay of a society that, when left unattended, may lead to man's total destruction. These are consequences made possible all because of men's utter approval and for allowing gruesome vices to multiply and overpower them.  Mauricio's quest to do something for his brother and wife takes him to the innermost belly of the not so known side of Panama, and his efforts are admirable. I find the scene where he was carrying the two year old daughter of his brother and taking her to safety an emotional one,  viewers can evidently see the emotions in Mauricio's face, try as hard as he might to control them. It's very heartbreaking to see that a child, with not the right knowledge of things still, could experience separation from parents all because of negative actions and choices.  The violence and drugs in this film will shock viewers that's for sure, it will totally give you a jolt!