Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 24/03/2016 04:35

The film was engaging from beginning to end and earlier on viewers see sibling rivalry between the twins. This is a somewhat natural phenomenon among siblings and especially twins.  What becomes more surprising here is, the  rivalry seems to overpower the  love and care between the sisters, to the point that you can sense a tinge of hatred, starting from their childhood days.  Cinematography was commendable and the scenes where droplets of water seem to be cascading from the windows, casting shadows into the room where Judith is seen sprawled on the floor, crying, is brilliant. It's like some form of symbolism, of overflowing emotions that include regret for the things she did to her sister Angel when they were younger.  This film lets viewers to take a step back and examine our own relationships with our siblings.  The tragic end of the story comes to fruition all the injustice that Angel  experienced in the hands of her sister.