Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 18/03/2016 06:29

The encounter between these two young lads gives a hint of the North and South Korea division, with the demarcation line  characterized by drawing a line with the lads'  pee.  Yun-suk Jung, who plays the mischievous boy who claims to know where the dog is was stellar and not surprising as he is one of South Korea's talented child actors. Shin Ki Jun similarly hold his ground, as the boy looking for his dog.  In a way, these two lads  symbolize North and South Korea, the one domineering the other subservient.   However,  the boy looking for his dog  eventually got fed up of the other lad's silly games and he stood ground and fought back, by also peeing on the ground where he stood,  indicating that it is his "territory".  Impressive musical scoring and cinematography,   this is  definitely worth watching!