Reviewed by Samueldtodd
on 21/06/2015 18:25

All Cheerleaders Die shares many similarities with its main characters, it’s loud and obnoxious, at times illogical and nigh on intelligible; beautiful to look at it, but with little below the surface. However, its sheer unpredictability makes for a all hell of a fun experience, albeit a stupid one.\r\n\r\nAfter head cheerleader, Alexis, suffers a fatal accident in the opening moments, the squad needs a new member, step in Maddy, a talented acrobatic who is soon accepted amongst their ranks, but unbeknownst to them, her motives for joining are not completely innocent. To give away anymore would be to ruin the surprise, suffice to say, it doesn't progress quite how you might expect.\r\n\r\nCertain critics have praised All Cheerleaders Die for its subversion of teen horror tropes, in fact it fell afoul of as many as it twisted. There’s a great teen horror in there, but it’s lost amongst a contrived plot and mindless characters. That said, I had a lot of fun, there’s enough blood and surprises to make for an enjoyable viewing, but only the once.