Reviewed by sharonmae
on 24/06/2016 03:42

Hilarious and with great portrayals! Yes this may be a comedy film but I can't help but gush over the lead actors but more so, because of this funny teacher, Teacher Inn played by Sudarat Budtporm. She's locally known as "Tukky", and I can't help but marvel at her genuine comedic talent. In some ways, I can see a Eugene Domingo in her, the Filipina comedienne whose rise to the top was a bittersweet one but a steady rise that's worth all the pain and trouble. Teacher Inn, just like the two lead stars also has her moments in the film as like Nam whose infatuated with Shone, she is also head over heels infatuated with a co-teacher. And so while the story may be sort of cliche it is also something that MOST of us can relate, I am not an exception! (haha!) This in a way reminds me of my teenybopper days when the mere sight of your "crush" makes you feel like you're in Cloud 9! (whatever that is!)  I look forward to future projects of these stars, most especially Miss Tukky!! :) Do watch this film guys and laugh yourself to bits!