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18+ : True Love Never Dies

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18+ : True Love Never Dies

  • Indonesia
  • 2010
  • 90 minutes
  • Asian
  • Drama

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The romanticism of two male bestfriends, Topan and Raka in making sacrifices for the women they love, Helen and Chanisa. They are four teenagers who were united by fate and a free lifestyle. They express their love in their own ways so that only they appreciate the true value of love and friendship. All the unique things and crazy madness they’ve shared together. Then Chanisa has to be taken to hospital because of her chronic illness, causing Topan to become responsible for the hospital bills. Raka, not wanting to see his bestfriend unhappy, finally borrowed money from Romi, a loan shark. Raka threatened by involving Helen who will become a victim if Raka doesn’t return the money on time. While Topan dan Raka try to find money, they almost break into an ATM, and at that time Romi and his gang’s raped Helen. Raka devastated with seeing Helen horrible conditions, becomes burned by revenge. Raka comes after Romi to avenge Helen suffering, but instead Raka’s attacked by Romi’s gang. Knowing that, Topan takes Chanisa and Helen to hide and goes to save Raka. How does their story end? Is life so meaningless that death should be taken at the age of 18?