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Born with the largest ears recorded north of the English Channel since 1686, I was brought up in North London and am currently studying in Cambridge. My interests include foreign languages, reading things that won't get me a job and not having disproportionately large ears. In my younger days I was fed on a diet of classic and obscure foreign films and occasionally bread. That really shows in the way I spend my days now, gobbling up amazing cinema from around the world and spending whatever time I have spare rocking myself back and forth in the bakery aisle at Sainsbury's muttering embittered barbs about Kurosawa. I try to write reviews and articles whenever I can for Filmdoo, and am delighted to be on board. The team is great, the site looks awesome, but most of all the project itself is exactly the kind of thing I would have wanted to exist decades ago, so I could tell my parents to stop hogging the TV and watch online instead. I can't wait to dive in and explore a whole world of cinema.


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